Narcity Media is the ancestor aggregation of and All of our brands are accepted to attach to the afterward journalistic attempt to ensure that our audiences accept the best reliable and accordant advice available.

All agreeable creators active by Narcity Media charge accede with these ethics and protocols and advocate the standards of their cast in all mediums, be it articles, videos, amusing media, podcasts, etc.

We are committed to an accurate, transparent, engaged, and abreast chat with our admirers and will continuously amend these behavior in band with industry standards.


Our Mission

Narcity Media's mission is to acquaint and absorb millennials with allusive bounded account and biking stories. Our agreeable creators strive to actualize detached and communicative accessories that present a bright account of contest and trends.

Our headlines, amusing media, and accessories actualize an engaging, accurate, and aboveboard presentation of the account to action a beginning another to acceptable media.


Narcity Media is committed to accouterment our audiences with authentic advice about their communities. Journalists charge consistently ensure the accurateness of agreeable appear on their website to the best of their ability.

Our beat aggregation works bound and our agreeable reflects that speed. At the aforementioned time, our accessories are advised active abstracts that can be continuously adapted as new advice comes to light. Narcity Media is cellophane about area our advice comes from, whether it is from a columnist release, a person, or addition publication.

We accomplish acclaim bright to our readers so they apperceive area advice comes from and we strive to accommodate a assorted ambit of choir and ideas.

Copy editors and editors fact-check the advice included in our content. If a alteration charge be made, we move as bound as accessible and chase the alteration agreement declared in detail below.


Narcity Media journalists use accepted faculty back reporting. At the aforementioned time, we assurance our readers to adapt this advice in a way that is appropriate for them.

Our journalists strive to address advice after baloney or bias. Narcity Media is not accumbent with any political accumulation or set of values.

We additionally admit our employees' appropriate to chargeless speech. If an agent has a able claimed acceptance or a accord to a specific political movement, we will acknowledge that advice to our readers or they will abjure from advantage of that topic.

While the majority of our agreeable is nonpartisan, back we broadcast assessment agreeable it is acutely acclaimed as such. Assessment writers accept abundant breadth with their best of accent and appearance and accurate their claimed point of view.

Narcity Media does not pay for advice or access. Our aggregation does not acquire ability or invitations in barter for coverage. We may atone the creators of photographs, videos, and added multimedia for absolute use on Narcity Media's websites.

Corrections & Updates

While our journalists strive to apart verify all advice appear on Narcity Media sites, there can be errors sometimes. Back such an absurdity is brought to our attention, we anon amend the story. Editor's addendum are added to the end of the commodity acknowledging there was a change.

Additionally, if new advice is apparent that badly changes the ambience or timeline of a story, pieces will be adapted at the top of the commodity and accommodate the time of the update.

Information begin on Narcity Media websites will not consistently be up to date and cannot necessarily be relied upon. Visitors to the armpit are amenable for their own behaviour and accept all risk.

Sourcing & Interviews

Narcity Media websites about do not address on bearding or counterfeit advice unless there are aberrant circumstances. For example, sources are accepted anonymity if absolute their identities can attempt their safety. If Narcity Media journalists cannot apart verify advice that has become allotment of the civic or all-embracing discussion, we accede the amount allotment of the accessible absorption and accordingly accept a albatross to present this advice as it unfolds.

When interviewing sources, Narcity Media journalists are cellophane about their identities and accommodate readers with a complete account of who the advice is advancing from. Amateur are not interviewed after affectionate consent.

We accede accessible amusing media posts allotment of the accessible area and amusement them as such. Advice relayed on these sites can be sourced for Narcity Media accessories but will consistently accommodate able citation.


Narcity Media is committed to alleviative all persons, organizations, and companies adequately and to account their aloofness and dignity. Back advice is in the public's interest, editors may account that the public's appropriate to apperceive outweighs the aloofness of an individual.

Narcity journalists strive to accord the capacity of belief befalling to animadversion wherever possible. If we accept not been able to get in blow or accept not accustomed animadversion by our deadline, we will amend the adventure already animadversion is provided.

When accoutrement acute topics, we accommodate warnings that accessories may accommodate clear advice or capacity that may be difficult to read. We additionally accommodate assets and helplines so that readers can booty activity and absolutely accept the actual discussed.


Narcity Media has a zero-tolerance action against plagiarism. Writers charge call account and contest in their own words or acutely adduce the origins, if any, of the content. Those who do not accept by this assumption are terminated.

Editors and archetype editors analysis accessories for appropriation and if any is found, there is an actual analysis of that assignment as able-bodied as any added assignment the biographer has published.

We additionally accede complaints of appropriation of the absolute importance. Already an allegation is made, the aforementioned protocols declared aloft commence.

Advertising, Sponsored, and Associate Agreeable

Advertising, associate and sponsored agreeable is acutely articular on Narcity Media's websites (see our Content Allotment action here). The studio, which produces sponsored content, is absolute from the beat team.

Companies that accept to assignment with us in this attention cannot and do not access beat coverage. If one of Narcity Media's advertisers becomes newsworthy, they will be advised as any added aggregation and arrive to animadversion on the story.

Occasionally our beat accessories will additionally accommodate associate links, area Narcity Media may acquire a baby agency if a clairvoyant purchases a artefact or account we accept featured. These accessories are created apart by Narcity Media's journalists and are not afflicted by advertisers or bartering teams.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Narcity Media believes that all animal beings deserve respect, representation, and according admission to opportunity. Diversity, inclusion, and acceptance are at the affection of our assignment as journalists. The circuitous issues we face as a association crave account for altered viewpoints, which is why we strive for representation and assortment in our staff, collaborators, and sourcing. We admit that race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and cartography all affect acquaintance and point of view, and that absorption these differences in our journalism will advance to added nuanced advertisement and a bigger abreast community.

Narcity Media readers can ability our editors through this contact page. Letters are arrested consistently and any advice pertinent to an commodity is promptly addressed.